About Ascher

Ascher Fine Jewelry is dedicated to embracing your edges. Designer Shouq Al-Fulaij comes from a strong lineage of women, who are entrepreneurs and designers in their own right. As the principal designer of Ascher, the pieces are informed by a fascination with corners and creases, geometry and gemstones, and fed by a lifelong love for architecture and the magic of making.

An insistence on dark metals and pristine lines is contrasted with the indulgence of sparkling diamonds of high quality and color. The collection speaks to the fiery and luminous spirits it attracts; the wearers of Luminescence are those who build their confidence quietly. Those who have nothing to prove to anyone but themselves. Those who live comfortably amongst society, but remain true to their essence.
Ascher Fine Jewelry is named for the ascher cut diamond, which is a square diamond cut in parallel lines so as to give the appearance of concentric squares. Much like Al Fulaij’s artistic heritage, one strong shape is born of another, resulting in a unique and dazzling effect.